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Open source software, data, and publications are important cornerstones of accessibility and reproducibility in bioimaging research. Similarly, the adoption of open source hardware practices has the potential to expand global access to bioimaging, in particular to research instrumentation, by reducing cost, logistical, and knowledge barriers. The Latin American Hub for Bioimaging Through Open Hardware (LIBRE_hub) is a training network for open source bioimaging hardware in Latin America with the goal to empower regional researchers through practical workshops, seminars, networking, and online resources adapted to local needs and re-published in local languages.

Hands-on workshops organized by LIBRE_hub will train Latin American researchers in using, building, and modifying multi-modal modular microscopes, light sources, data acquisition automation approaches, and deep learning tools for bioimaging. The project will primarily use low-cost and flexible technology platforms based on 3D-printed parts, single board computers, and microcontrollers. A recurrent seminar series will bring and connect international speakers with the Latin American bioimaging community on a broad range of bioimaging technologies. This hub will expand the Latin American bioimaging community to include open hardware creators and users and provide researchers with a strong local network, accessible customized resources, and hands-on practical training opportunities.


Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
San Joaquin Campus - Ave Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul, Santiago, Chile

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